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INTERPOL Symposium Targets Transnational Gun Crime

Posted by Andre Demers on May 10, 2013 8:23:00 AM

INTERPOL and Canadian-based Forensic Technology co-host international conference for law enforcement officials in Montreal.

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) May 10, 2013

Armed criminals are able to move freely. Whether it is gun-runners walking the bridge from the US to Canada, organized criminals driving from Spain to Portugal, or smugglers boating from one Caribbean island to another, criminals cross borders with impunity, while police investigations stall.

Until now.

The INTERPOL Firearm Forensics Symposium (IFFS) is being held May 12-15,2013 in Montreal Canada. IFFS is a gathering of nearly 300 professionals, academics, and policy makers from over 70 countries who are determined to make their streets safer from firearm violence. The primary goal of this meeting is to help countries improve their collection of firearms “intelligence”.

IFFS is co-hosted by INTERPOL, the world’s largest international police organization, and Forensic Technology Inc, the world leader in crime solving technology solutions, based in Montreal, Canada.

“Connections between firearm crimes and other criminal activities, from corruption and organized crime to human trafficking and terrorism – are evident. Firearm related crimes know no borders, requiring a global response – one which INTERPOL is ideally placed to provide,” explains Ronald K. Noble, INTERPOL Secretary General, “INTERPOL's Ballistic Information Network (IBIN) enables front line officers to detect connections between crimes which can otherwise go undetected. It is another perfect example of the global tools and services provided by INTERPOL in support of our mission: ‘connecting police for a safer world’.”

The IBIN network is powered by IBIS technology, designed and developed in Montreal by Forensic Technology. IBIS has helped law enforcement agencies link hundreds of thousands of firearms, suspects, and cases, and has been used to capture millions of pieces of evidence.

“Our commitment to serving the law enforcement community does not end with our products and support. It extends to partnerships, research projects, and, most importantly, this symposium,” says Forensic Technology president, Robert A. Walsh, “ IFFS brings together unique experiences, ideas, and innovations. Sharing successes and best practices can only enrich our work, and help us all in our mission to seek justice for those who deserve it most.”

About Forensic Technology Inc.
For over 20 years, Forensic Technology has been relentless in its mission to research, design, build, and provide solutions for a safer society. Our IBIS® automated ballistic imaging system, installed in nearly 600 locations in over 70 countries, has been responsible for helping law enforcement agencies link hundreds of thousands of firearms, suspects, and cases, and has been used to capture millions of pieces of evidence. And now, our valuable partnership with INTERPOL is enabling investigators to pursue criminals and investigations across international borders by helping member countries share ballistic information with one another.

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