Crime Scene Equipment

From cable-free lamps and lighting and print lifters, to laboratory cabinets and digital microscopes, we offer a wide range of crime scene equipment for use in forensic laboratories as well as in the field.

Crime Scene Lamp SL-450


The SL-450 is fully portable. No interconnected cables or shoulder packs. Therefore unlimited movement around the crime scene is guaranteed. The Xenon powered light source submits an out-standing light output for general crime scene investigation.


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The ideal lamp for physical and/or trace evidence investigation.


  • Independent of mains supply
  • Xenon light source
  • High UV intensity
  • Maintenance-free
  • Robust and lightweight construction
  • Specially designed accessories
  • Telescopic arm for ergonomic securing of evidence
  • Filter assembly with 3 filters for side light, beam expander:and light reduction to 60 %



A lightweight battery powered device specially designed for shoe print search and documentation.


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The high intensive LED array provides a sharp and high contrast shoe print on various surfaces. The standard telescope handle makes the use of the LED SHOE light source very user friendly.
  • LED array with 16 high power LED (55 Watt)
  • Color: white
  • Beam shape, linear, 310 mm width
  • Storage battery: Lithium Ion, capacity 14,8 V, 4,3 Ah
  • Continuous operation: at 100 % approx. 45 min., at 70 % approx. 60 min.
  • Low battery indicator
  • Weights: Lamp: approx. 1000 g, Storage battery: approx. 450 g
  • Fan cooled



This light source compliments the SL-450 and make an ideal pairing for trace evidence investigation, verification and documentation.


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The Projectina MSA-810 is designed to be operated in the laboratory.



The MSA-810 is the new ultimate forensic tool for professional laboratory work for securing of evidence like:

  • Biological stains
  • Latent fingerprints
  • Blood other body fluids
  • Hair, paint chips and fibres
  • General search for evidence
  • Second-treated fingerprints enhancement

Dust Print Lifter


Self-contained kit for recovering impression evidence such as tire-tracks and footprints.


The Projectina Dust Print Lifter is used for recovering impression evidence like tire-tracks and footprints.

The dust print is transferred to the lifting mat and will appear as a precise mirror image of the original print. The Dust Print Lifter will even lift prints from rough-surfaced floor tile or irregular flooring of any kind.
  • Electrostatic voltage control unit
  • Ground plane, nickeloid steel 4x6 inch 
  • Ground plate Polycarbonate insulating sheet, 5x7 inch 
  • 10 lifting foils 12x36 inch 
  • Insulated mat roller 
  • Static discharge cable
  • 2 9V-Alkaline batteries, rechargeable
  • Battery charger 230V/50Hz (optional: 115V/60Hz)
  • 1 roll lifting material (12 inch x 50 feet)
  • 1 cutter

Not available in Canada and USA

Foto Light Box


Simple to use and universal in its application possibilities. Shoe print securing foils, gelatine or transparent, are very well illuminated and illustrated.


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The Projectina Foto Light Box impresses by its simple use and its universal application possibilities. Shoe print securing foils, gelatine or transparent, are extremely well illuminated and illustrated.


For optimum illumination of gelatine or transparent securing foils and is ideal for shadow-free oblique and transmitted light pictures.
  • Transmitted light illumination 2x13W, daylight
  • Illuminated transmitted light surface 300x455 mm, with frosted glass insert
  • 2 light guide connections with integrated illumination 15V/150W, adjustable via potentiometer
  • Fixing possibilities for Kaiser Repro illumination RB-5000 DL/RB-5003UV
  • Guide column 1.0 m with height adjust-ment and hand crank, division in cm and inch
  • shape converter 350 mm (side light) with adjustable front lens-shoe holder with support plate and image scale, golf ball holder, for shoe exposures

Evidence Drying Cabinets

As the only drying cabinet on the market, PVTS 36 is based on the electronic humidity control, which doesn't require touch to verify whether the evidence is dry or not. By avoiding direct contact, it is easier to avoid cross-contamination.


The best way to dry wet evidence items and avoid fungal attacks and strong smells


The officer is protected from infectious pathogens and noxious odours while reducing possible cross-contamination of evidence. The unit is configured to clean the incoming "drying air" through pre-filtration and filter the cabinet exhaust air through a combination of bonded carbon and HEPA filtration.

The pre-filter mat cleans the incoming air from rough particles. For exhaust filter system we use also a pre-filter mat which is changeable after each process. This is important, because small particles may peel away from the evidence during the drying process. Those small particles get caught in the pre-filter mat, so it is possible to investigate the filter mat.

Docustat DS-220


 The Docustat DS-220 system can be used for small and large sheets.


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The supplied plastic film, type IW, is used for securing of indented writing on paper (grooves) on different kinds of paper.
  • more sensitive than oblique lighting
  • tilting and collection device for easy emptying of toner
  • produces permanent 1 to 1 transparencies
  • responds only to indented writing
  • non-destructive - leaves documents uncontaminated
  • easy document preparation with document humidifier to increase sensitivity of documents prior to the electrostatic imaging process
  • Timer for corona exposure
  • Preset of voltage for corona
  • Ventilation for airborne toner particles
  • Toner pads



The Micro Macro microscope DMM-2000 with digital technique is the ideal instrument for examinations in Forensic Sciences, e.g. fibres, ballistics (angle determination of land and grove), etc.


  • Magnification range from 5x - 2400x
  • Built-in high resolution digital or video camera
  • Professional image enhancement and measuring software
  • Special accessories for angle determination of land and groove