Document Examination & Verification Systems

Advanced systems for the forensic examination of documents, whether they be passports, currency, or questioned documents. Projectina offers a wide range of viewing and analysis systems that cater to a variety of organizations, from the smaller agencies all way to the largest facilities.



Introducing Projectina Spectra Pro



State-of-the-Art Spectral Analysis for Forensic Labs, Security Printers and Immigration Authorities. 

In the world of document examination, the ability to see the smallest of details is paramount.  With superior optics, exceptional imaging and advanced technology, Projectina Spectra Pro is the definitive solution for examining the subtlest forms of tampering and most sophisticated counterfeits. 

Spectra Pro provides examiners working in forensic laboratories, security printers and immigration authorities with the full range of features needed for the comprehensive inspection, authentication, and quality assurance of passports, ID cards, security and legal documents, banknotes and cheques. 

Spectra Pro can also be equipped with a wide range of accessories and software modules to suit any document examination application.

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  • Unprecedented image quality with best-in-class optical technology
  • State-of-the-art digital camera with extreme sensitivity in wavelengths between 350 and 1100 nm
  • Effortless inspection of microtext and fibers with industry-leading optical magnification of up to 335x
  • Industry’s largest field of view for easy viewing of multiple regions of interest and identification of trends and inconsistencies
  • Superior user experience with the latest software and USB 3.1 interface 
  • Examine the most advanced security features with Spectra’s Pro’s unmatched number of combinations of emission filters and light sources
  • Save time on routine and bulk examinations with programmable inspection sequences
  • Streamline examinations with the motorized, remote-control X/Y Translation Stage, now with an even larger range of movement


  • Accessories: OVI module, magnetic ink profiler, edge seal mirror and the PAGSCAN reader for travel documents
  • Options: Hyper Spectral Imaging, Spectroscopy, 3D lighting, and travel document & banknote databases

Docubox HD


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Expandable and Compact Workstation

The Docubox HD offers a streamlined concept that allows for the rapid, comprehensive and systematic examination of documents. With a compact design, the Docubox HD offers comprehensive investigation possibilities and boasts 14 integrated light sources, motorized 20x zoom optics, an IR-sensitive color camera with autofocus capabilities, and full HD resolution.


With a compact design, the Docubox HD offers comprehensive investigation possibilities and boasts 14 integrated light sources, motorized 20x zoom optics, an IR-sensitive color camera with autofocus capabilities, and full HD resolution.

Ideal for the quick and efficient investigation of travel documents, banknotes and security printed matter, the Docubox HD can be used in the field as well as in the laboratory.

  • High Efficiency: Up to 200 control settings can be stored and restored via internal memory and via USB stick. This helps to standardize processes, simplify the workflow and reduce investigation time.
  • Capture Button: Easy image capture on SD card.
  • Sequence Mode: The Docubox HD automatically selects different light sources and inspection times and provides the results quickly.
  • Intuitive Operation: Easy controls via touch screen and jogger knob. The presets of various light sources makes capturing even more simple.

Inspec 8

Inspec 8s


The system for 2nd level inspections at immigration check points.

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The compact multifunctional desk top station for document verification with 8 integrated illumination systems and with Full HD Resolution.



Both the INSPEC 8 and INSPEC 8s are ideal for easy document examination at immigration check points, airports, banks, police departments, currency exchange offices, etc.

Inspec 8 FeaturesAdditional Inspec 8s Features
  • 8 integrated illumination systems
  • Basic instrument with front control elements/keypad
  • Full HD resolution IR colour camera
  • Zoom objective 20x
  • Magnification range with 24" monitor: up to 72x
  • Excitation filter, blue-light 380-570 nm
  • Camera barrier filter: 610/665/715/780/850 nm/Neutral
  • DVI-monitor connection for direct live image on monitor
  • USB Live camera exit
  • 11 different integrated lighting and illumination sources
  • UV illumination 365nm, 2 x 9 Watt
  • UV illumination 313 nm, 1 x 9 Watt
  • Infrared broad-band illumination for "anti-Stokes inks" examination 750 – 1000 nm
  • LED illumination for OVD's
  • Remote control (via USB)



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The compact multifunctional desk top station with LED illumination

The compact multifunctional Inspec 5 desktop station with LED illumination for visual examination of banknotes, travel and identity documents.


For easy document examination at 

  • immigration check points
  • airports
  • banks
  • police departments
  • currency exchange offices


  • New: DocumentMagnifier 10x with integrated illumination with surface and side light
  • visible transmitted light (LED)
  • UV 365 / 313 / 254 nm surface light
  • incident white light (LED)
  • flat surface light / side light (LED)
  • external flash light (LED) with strong light output
  • vertical surface light (Retro) (LED)
  • exit for connection of digital camera CANON Powershot G12/G15

Docustat DS-220


 The Docustat DS-220 system can be used for small and large sheets.


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The supplied plastic film, type IW, is used for securing of indented writing on paper (grooves) on different kinds of paper.
  • More sensitive than oblique lighting
  • Tilting and collection device for easy emptying of toner
  • Produces permanent 1 to 1 transparencies
  • Responds only to indented writing
  • Non-destructive - leaves documents uncontaminated
  • Easy document preparation with document humidifier to increase sensitivity of documents prior to the electrostatic imaging process
  • Timer for corona exposure
  • Preset of voltage for corona
  • Ventilation for airborne toner particles
  • Toner pads

PAGScan Document Reader



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The PAGScan document reader was designed to quickly and accurately read a wide range of documents.

The PAGScan document reader was designed to quickly and accurately read RFID modules, Smart Cards and magnetic stripes on passports, visas, ID cards, driver’s licenses, bar codes, and more.

  • Small, compact, ergonomic design
  • Full-page, single-step e-passport scanner with automatic document detection
  • High resolution 500 dpi LED based imaging under visible white, IR light
  • ISO and ICAO standards compliant, supports BAC, EAC, PA, AA and PACE
  • RFID
  • USB port for easy connection
  • Face comparison between data page photo and RFID DG2
  • Reads 1D and 2D barcodes from paper based documents