Firecycle: Firearm Life Cycle Management 


Firecycle is a web-based firearm data management solution that allows agencies to track the life of a weapon – from manufacture to destruction. Firecycle helps solve crimes where guns are used and tracks them when they fall into the wrong hands, thereby reducing the cost of gun crime to society.

IBIS Firecycle

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Why Use IBIS Firecycle? 

Firecycle helps public safety and government organizations track a gun’s life cycle from manufacture through commercial sales, to individual or professional transactions, to criminal use, all the way to seizure and ultimately, to final disposition or destruction. Firecycle may be used in three distinct contexts, namely:

  • The tracking of stolen, lost, and inactive firearms
  • The licensing of civilian firearms
  • The life cycle management of active professional firearm inventories (e.g., police forces, armed forces, security companies)

For firearms used in crimes, managing information from inside the gun (unique markings on discharged ammunition) and outside the gun (make, model, and serial number) provides a comprehensive crime-gun information solution of tactical and strategic crime solving and prevention value. 


Firecycle improves the capacity of public safety agencies to collect, search, share, and verify the information about stolen, lost, seized or legal firearms. In turn, this allows police to identify illegal arms trafficking flows and provides them with the information necessary to investigate firearm related crime. Firecycle also enables administrators and policy makers to collect crime-gun data, generate the information required to fully and accurately understand the extent to which guns are used in crimes within their jurisdictions, and quantify and identify the types and sources of those crime guns. 

In addition, Firecycle bridges the gap between regulatory and crime databases for national and international crime-fighting initiatives designed to prevent the unlawful diversion of firearms and to take armed criminals off the streets. 

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Who Can Use IBIS Firecycle?

Firecycle is a tool for maintaining lawful[1] records of firearm acquisition and disposition in computerized rather than paper form.

Firecycle can be accessed by hundreds of users, each with their own role, and unique identifier. Anyone, from manufacturers and licensing staff, to sellers, law enforcement, and government officials, can securely contribute firearm information that is recorded to generate an accurate chain of possession.

The end-user access to Firecycle can be controlled based on organization-specific, role-based configuration rules. Combined with standards-based security mechanisms (SSL protocol and data encryption) and auditable data trails, Firecycle enforces the highest levels of data security and information privacy across the entire solution. 

Finally, Firecycle enables the use of a uniform standard of firearm terminology, data that is provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), which is also deployed and used within INTERPOL.

[1]: Firecycle is intended for lawful use only — as some jurisdictions may have laws preventing certain entities from creating systems that keep record of firearms, firearm owners, or firearm transactions.