Ballistic Identification

Forensic Technology offers the world’s most advanced ballistic identification solution, IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System), which enables the sharing and comparison of significant quantities of exhibit information and images across a network of imaging sites, as well as the automated identification of likely matching bullets or cartridge cases.


IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ is the latest generation of IBIS technology and includes exceptional 3D imaging, advanced comparison algorithms, and a robust infrastructure. It has been designed to meet the needs of police and military organizations that gain actionable information from firearms and their fired ammunition components. This technology contributes to the investigation process by helping experts to see more, link more, and solve more firearm-related crimes.


Our success began with what we now refer to as our IBIS® Heritage™ Systems. The IBIS Heritage product family was derived from the creation and later merging of the BulletProof™ and BrassCatcher™ software and hardware to create the world-renowned IBIS (Integrated Ballistics Identification System) hub. Pushing the envelope further, we developed IBIS TRAX-HD3D which comprises: BRASSTRAX™, a fully automated cartridge case imaging station, BULLETTRAX™, a state-of-the-art 3D bullet imaging station, and MATCHPOINT™, a comparative analysis station for examining 2D and 3D images.

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The fastest, most accurate way to acquire cartridge case evidence.

The BRASSTRAX acquisition station is specialized for the entry of cartridge case information onto an IBIS network.

BRASSTRAX captures high-resolution 2D images and precise 3D topographic information of significant regions of interest. For centerfire cartridge cases, this includes the breech face and firing pin impressions on the primer, and the ejector mark. For rimfire cartridge cases, this includes the firing pin impression. A detailed image of the complete head is also captured for reference.

The majority of the acquisition process is fully automated, so that minimal user input reduces operator variability. The automation of image focus, image lighting, and region of interest outlining ensures consistent image quality for visualization and uniformity for optimal comparison performance.


BRASSTRAX features:

  • Automated flowback and washout detection
  • Automated self-test and adjustment
  • Hands-off operation allows multitasking
  • Multiple magnification levels
  • Full range of calibers: .17 to .50 and from .410 bore to 10-gauge for shot shells
  • Detailed online help and user guides
  • Multiple light sources, including a patented ring light








The most advanced bullet acquisition station in the world

The BULLETTRAX acquisition station is specialized for the entry of bullet information onto an IBIS network.


BULLETTRAX captures high-resolution 2D images and 3D topographic information of a bullet's lands and grooves. It produces an image strip representing a bullet's 360-degree circumference, or a combination of regions from a bullet's fragments.


The acquisition process is fully automated after the initial setup by the user. This reduces the operator's required training level, and produces consistent image quality. Complex algorithms track the bullet's surface by rotating and moving the bullet, and they precisely capture its markings and its shape at optimal focus and lighting settings.



  • High-resolution 2D images and accurate 3D topography at the nanometer level
  • Damaged bullets and fragments
  • 3600 wraparound
  • Universal cartridge case holder


Other Features:

  • Automated surface deformation tracking
  • Automated shoulder delimiter placement
  • Hands-off operation allows multitasking
  • Cut or button rifling, polygonal rifling, and smoothbore
  • Full range of calibers: .17 to .50





MATCHPOINT is the firearm expert's analysis station for reviewing the potential matches obtained from IBIS correlation algorithms.

Access to high-resolution 2D images and precise 3D topography offers remarkable viewing capabilities and useful alternatives when analyzing cartridge case and bullet markings.

An extensive array of viewers and functions assist with the identification of similar candidates. High level analysis of correlation results and visual comparisons allow for the rapid elimination of non-matches. Powerful in-depth visualization tools provide capabilities far beyond those of the conventional comparison microscope, and make it easier to recognize high-confidence matches. The work done using MATCHPOINT significantly increases the identification success rate, and decreases the effort required for ultimate confirmation on a conventional comparison microscope. 

Bullets acquired using BULLETTRAX are viewed as a continuous wraparound image that is always in focus. The flattened image strip can be viewed in 2D, 3D, or a mix of both. This overall view provides a useful perspective for performing high-level phase alignment before comparing the finer markings, and it also simplifies the comparison of damaged bullets. Additionally, the combination of the enhanced surface markings and the realistic shape simultaneously makes it easier to locate and emphasize significant markings, such as those on the bearing surface of polygonal and smooth bore bullets.

Cartridge cases acquired using BRASSTRAX are viewed based on multiple regions of interest in 2D, 3D, or a mix of both. One or more of these regions can hold the key to finding a match. The 3D information provides remarkable advantages for the comparison of cartridge cases.

MATCHPOINT features:

  • Cartridge case side-by-side viewer
  • Cartridge Case MultiViewer
  • 3D enhancements
  • Independent regions of interest
  • Bullet side-by-side viewer
  • Bullet MultiViewer
  • Bullet shape viewing
  • Cross-section profiles
  • Score analysis
  • Reports and printouts
  • Reshaping” of a deformed bullet to more closely resemble a pristine reference bullet
  • Printouts of  information screens, viewer screens, and images
  • Reports with generic and custom templates
  • Variety of output formats
  • Generate manual correlation requests
  • Search and view case and exhibit information