If you can’t connect crime,
criminals go free

IBIS networks put you on the fast track.


Creating an Effective and Efficient Ballistics Information Network

Want to solve more crime? Your ballistics analysis system must have the following capabilities in order to let you share data quickly and securely within a network.




Share High-Quality Images Easily

Image files are heavy so if you want to share them quickly over a network, they need to be lightened first. IBIS uses optimized compression technology to condense image data so it can be delivered with speed and with zero impact on image quality or resolution. There is never a need for bulk data copying.

Can your system share large images quickly?


Be Compatible with Different System Versions

For networks to function, it is essential that all systems be able to share data with one another regardless of their hardware or software versions. IBIS solutions are all backward compatible, so no matter when they were installed, they are able to communicate with each other seamlessly. This means that an exhibit acquired today can be compared with an exhibit acquired 25 years ago—increasing the chances of connecting crimes and protecting the investment you’ve made in your database.

Can your system share data with older or newer versions?


Speak a Universal Language

Just as with any Google search, if you want to find what you’re looking for, selecting the right terminology is critical. The ballistics terms used in IBIS are standardized ensuring you’ll find a match between two exhibits with the same class characteristics. Without an interface that uses standardized terminology, you would be forced to sort through libraries, one image at a time, which is extremely time consuming especially as your database grows.

Does your system allow you to carry out effective database searches?

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