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Projectina has a long and rich tradition in the innovation of optical comparison systems. For over 60 years, Projectina has designed, developed and manufactured optical comparison systems for industrial and forensic science applications.


VisionX Comparison Microscope

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  • Industry first binocular and optical design enabling a vertical adjustment with a constant 30 degree tube axis – consistent ergonomic comfort for any size examiner (based on Carl Zeiss study)
  • Joy-stick and rotary knob for real-time coarse/fine drive X/Y/Z adjustments; touch panel full image left and right; overlay and split-image with laterally adjustable dividing width and position; and magnification and configuration setting set/preset
  • Optimum light and accessory placement options for any size and number of accessories
  • Optimum light and accessory placement options for any size and number of accessories
  • Tablet option for easy and quick image reference and capture with touch-screen or one-click operation
  • Overall frame design focused on clean an uncluttered work area optimal clearance for evidence placement and handling, accessories, media devices, etc.

Introducing the VisionX comparison microscope. With exceptional craftsmanship and superior optics, and designed with industry best practices and the examiner’s workflow in mind, VisionX is more than a comparison microscope — it’s a solution dedicated to helping you solve more crime.


From the crime scene, to the forensic lab, to the courtroom, crime solving success is dependent upon people, processes, and technology. VisionX is the first solution to combine a comparison microscope system with ballistic identification technology, all the while being mindful of the examiner. The VisionX comparison microscope is available in three distinct configurations that range from standalone, to IBIS®-integrated, to multiuser supported.


  • Advanced optical module for clearer simultaneous binocular and video/photo observation
  • Motorized magnification changer, objective changer and optical operating modes
  • Optional remote control via VisionX software
  • Integrated control unit and power connection for LED ring-and spotlight
  • Ability to use any combination of surface light, transmitted light, fluorescent, LED, and UV
  • Mechanical drive of left and right object holder and accessories

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Comparison Microscope for Forensic Comparison Investigations.


The COMAC is a high-quality microscope optimized for comparison investigations of such items as documents, tool marks, bullets and cartridges, currency, and illegal drugs such as Ecstasy, PMA, and synthetic amphetamines. The modular concept allows for the easy addition of special devices such as object holders, illumination systems, and documentation units.


  • Comparison bridge with height adjustment
  • Coaxial coarse/fine drive for height adjustment of the X/Y stages, 50mm travel
  • Mechanical object adjustment, 60mm travel
  • Coarse/fine adjustment controls, dual sided
  • Image overlap and split-image comparison controls
  • Full field-of-view for right or left images
  • Objective changer for macro optics
  • Built-in macro objectives with a 130mm working distance
  • Up-right image
  • Zoom objective for magnification area 2.5x - 72x with fixed working distance
  • Field of view 85mm - 2.2mm