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Grant Opportunities for US Law Enforcement Agencies

Better access to database may help police solve cases faster

Chicago cops, ATF using gun matching to seek stiffer penalties

Ballistics computer could expedite local shooting investigations

ATF’s Approach to Help Reduce Violent Crime

Local & Federal Law Enforcement Team up to Arrest Violent Members of Bloods Gang

Denver Police expand gunshot detection program

ATF: Gun used in Denver attempted homicide has been involved in five unsolved metro crimes

A Best Bet in the Race to Stop Armed Criminals

Making Gun Crime a Priority – Why is New Jersey So Unique?

INTERPOL Symposium Takes Aim at Regional Gun Crime Intelligence Sharing

Biting the Bullet: A No-Nonsense Approach to Acquiring Damaged Bullets

Untested Ballistics Evidence: Society’s Misfire?

Gun Crimes: More Justice Less Talk

Ejector Marks: Why You Shouldn't Ignore Them

RAIN Checks On Crime Guns in NJ?

Dragnet 2014: If Joe Friday Had Today's Technology...

Operation Samson, Gun Crime and a Three-Legged Stool

Cross-Border Crime Need Not Bedevil Us

Aristotle, Vince Lombardi, Guns, and New Jersey

Disarming America's Most Dangerous Gangs

Stopping Armed Criminals: For What it’s Worth

But We Don’t Have the Resources! – Or do we?

New Ballistics Technology Helps Fire Up 20 Year Old Cold Case

The Seven Deadly Sins of Forensic Crime Solving

“Buckle-up Crime Solving” with NCIC, eTrace and NIBIN

Criminal Impunity Fuels The Most Dangerous Places on Earth

Solving More Gun Crime: Fasten Your Seatbelts?

Police Protecting the Caribbean: Who's Protecting Them?

INTERPOL Forensics Symposium Scores Hits from Start to Finish!

International Symposium Takes Aim at Cross Border Gun Crime

Cross Border Criminals & Guns: INTERPOL Firearm Forensic Symposium

Widening the Crime Gun Trail: Car Stop — Shooter — Trafficker

Take the Criminals Away: A Response to Gun Violence All Agree On

Linking Crimes, Guns and Suspects: Positive Signs for 2013?

Arresting Poachers & Armed Criminals: More than a shot in the dark

Interrogating Crime Guns = Lower Crime Costs

Why Ballistics Testing Needs to Happen

Taking it to the Chiefs: Hearing Every Crime Gun's Story

Stopping Gun Traffickers: Breaking It Down

CSI & Real Forensics: Did We Get Fooled Again?

Smoking Gun: A Case of Justice Served & Crimes Prevented

Dealing with Gun Crime: First - Do Your Basics Measure Up?

Crossing Hemispheres for Intelligence-led Gun Crime Operations

READ ONLY IF: Serious About Stopping Armed Criminals


Crime Gun & Evidence Processing: Is Time On Your Side?

CSI:Miami & Real Forensics: We Won’t Get Fooled Again

Proving IBIN's Crime Solving Value: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Canada Helps Barbados Combat Crime with Ballistics System

Stopping Armed Criminals: Leaders Trigger Innovation

Police in Australia use IBIS TRAX-3D to Generate Leads

Jumping the “Fence” With Forensic Ballistics

Belize and Costa Rica to Receive IBIS Ballistics Systems

Forensic Ballistics: A Tool in a Crime Solving Toolbox

BulletTRAX-3D helps crack cases for the Boston Police Department

A Forensic Ballistics Key to the City of Brotherly Love

What a Regional Forensic Ballistics Protocol IS — and IS NOT

Forensic Ballistics Tsunami: IBIS Hits PNP

The Illegal Trade in Endangered Species & Forensic Ballistics

Transnational Crime & Forensic Ballistics: A Case for Data Sharing

NABIS: A Model Forensic Ballistics Intelligence Service

Rediscover Your Forensic Ballistics Capacity for Bullet Evidence

Rethink Your Forensic Ballistics Capacity to Solve More Gun Crimes

Peru Empowers Police with IBIS Firearms Identification Technology

A NIBIN New Year Resolution: Stopping Armed Criminals in Arizona

Ushering Out the Old & Ringing in the New: Some Thoughts on Gun Crime

A Regional Approach Is Needed to Stop Gun Crime in Mercosur

Investigating Gun Crime: Integrating Sound, Smell and Sight

Reducing Firearm Crime by Balancing People, Processes and Technology

IBIN Can Help Police Stop Cross Border Poachers

IBIS Helps Match Bullets With Their Guns

Ballistics Intelligence Key to Halt Firearm Smuggling Ring

IBIS Helps North Carolina Police Link Gun to Crime

Ballistics Analysis Win: NIBIN Cuts 3 Deep in Atlanta

A New Jersey Story: NIBIN links two unrelated shootings

IBIS Used in India in the Fight Against Homemade Firearms

NIBIN hits target criminals on the move in Bay Area

North Carolina Sheriff has New Way of Tracking Firearms Using IBIS

Jamaica Hosts 13 Critical Tasks Workshop

Forensic Technology Supports Bermuda’s Committee on Gun Violence

IBIS Helps New Orelans Police Solve More Firearm Crime

IBIS Helps Police in India Catch Criminals on the Move

Pete Gagliardi on Ballistics Forensics and IBIN

Wright wins Goddard Award of Excellence in Firearms Identification

Forensic Technology wins HSBC International Business of the Year

Philippines now requires evidence entry into IBIS

Ballistic evidence without the murder weapon

Goddard Award Nominations Open

INTERPOL and Forensic Technology Host Ballistics Symposium

Forensic Technology Acquires Swiss-Photonics and Projectina

PNP Crime Laboratory Goes High-Tech with IBIS

IBIS Helps Salinas County Fight Gun Crime

Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science Partners with Forensic Technology

Forensic Technology Named One of Best Employers in Canada

Kosovo Police increase their crime-solving capacity with IBIS

IBIS Helps Trace Murder Gun Across Owners and Continents

Malaysian Police Selects IBIS TRAX-3D to Investigate Gun Crimes

FDLE pilot program helping police reduce backlogs and catch criminals

Savannah-Chatham police acquires IBIS TRAX-3D system

NIBIN may be expanded beyond Phoenix

IBIS helps police find murder suspect — 4 years later

Ballistics match leads to arrest in Fairfield police officer shooting

Forensic Technology named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies

Firearms forensics is far cry from TV

Forensic Technology helps police solve cold cases and gang crime

Florida police enter confiscated guns into NIBIN

IBIS talks when no one else will

NIBIN Triple Play

Forensic Technology donates to the National Law Enforcement Museum

US and Mexico to share ballistics database

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