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Cross Border Criminals & Guns: INTERPOL Firearm Forensic Symposium

Posted by Pete Gagliardi Mar 19, 2013 12:31:00 PM

Does the criminal misuse of firearms transcend national borders?

This is a question that many believe is no longer subject to debate.

IFFS 2013, Montreal: May 12-15Having snuck a peek at the agenda of the 2013 INTERPOL Firearm Forensic Symposium (IFFS), to be held this May in Montreal, I believe that this question will be answered once and for all - even for the most hardened skeptics.

If you were to attend IFFS 2013, you would get to hear from and speak to law enforcement and forensic experts from around the world on the subject of transnational crime and the misuse of firearms. The presenters will share real “rubber meets the road” experiences in stopping cross border gun crimes as well as best practices and the latest in investigative tools.

This is what INTERPOL’s Secretary General has said about the criminal misuse of firearms from a global perspective:

Today, firearms still provide a formidable global threat, responsible according to one estimate for more than 740,000 deaths, and three times as many casualties every year across the globe. About 80% of all conflict deaths come from small arms, and more than one-third of terrorist incidents worldwide have seen firearms as the weapon of choice.

Ronald K Noble, Secretary General INTERPOL
IFFS 2011

In response, INTERPOL has made concentrated efforts  to help the global law enforcement community better deal with transnational issues related to the criminal misuse of firearms.  Their strategic plan has identified three key priorities:

  • Secure global communication on firearm crime.
  • Capacity building.
  • Assisting INTERPOL member countries to identify firearm crimes and criminals.

One of the goals of IFFS is to help INTERPOL member countries improve their collection of firearms “intelligence” – through the use of powerful tools designed to extract and share key information from firearms and related evidence – in order to prevent and solve more violent crimes.

INTERPOL and Forensic Technology Inc. are pleased to extend the following invitation, (limited by available seating capacity) to interested parties having a professional interest in the issue of gun violence.

When: IFFS 2013 will be held May 12-15, 2013.

May 12: Registration and Welcome Reception
May 13: Opening of symposium and technology workshops
May 14: Day 2 of symposium and banquet event
May 15 Final day of symposium and workshops.
May 16 (optional): Tour of Forensic Technology facility

Where: The Centre Mont-Royal, in Montreal, Canada.

What: This four-day international meeting will review national and international trends in firearm violence, explore advances in firearm forensics analysis and investigations, and recommend international best practices to combat the threat of firearm crimes. In addition, several training sessions and workshops will be available for both users and administrators to become more familiar with programs and tools such as the INTERPOL Firearms Reference Table (IFRT), the INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network (IBIN), and the INTERPOL Illicit Arms Records and tracing Management System (iARMS). Additional session topics include Firearm Lifecycle Management, Quality Assurance, Touch DNA, Evidence Cloning, IBIS Training Workshops and Demonstrations, and case studies of successful transnational gun enforcement operations.

Who: INTERPOL’s National Central Bureaus Representatives as well as Public Security Officials - Policy Makers - Laboratory Directors - Firearm Technicians - Ballistics Experts Chiefs of Police - Law Enforcement Personnel from countries affected by gun violence.  

The symposium is geared to the international community and will be simultaneously translated in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

Register Now for IFFS 2013

Please not that for security reasons, registration is mandatory for access to the symposium. There will not be any on-site, same day registration.

Deadline to register is April 19th, 2013.





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