OEM Engineering: Customer-Specific Development and Manufacturing

With its team of experienced engineers, Projectina Engineering specializes in providing customer-specific solutions. Our core competencies are in the fields of optics, precision mechanics and electronics. We support you in the development and construction of your products. We bring your specifications into tailor-made products and solutions. You can meanwhile concentrate on your core competencies, with the advantage of predictable costs.

OEM Engineering

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Our services cover the whole range of activities involved in developing and manufacturing optical, precision mechanical and electronic components and systems. 

Depending on your individual needs, we provide any or all of the following:

PROJECT MANAGEMENT We monitor entire projects according to your specifications.
CONSULTING We help you to find optimized solutions and to specify your
FEASIBILITY STUDIES We assess opportunities and risks of various potential 
solution approaches - before you commit to major expenditure.
FORMAL SPECIFICATIONS DEVELOPMENT We turn your ideas and visions into technically practicable specifications.
CONCEPT STUDIES With advanced development tools, we investigate multiple 
concepts at modest effort and expense.
OPTICAL SYSTEM CALCULATION Our many years of experience provides the know-how for an optimized design.
DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN We develop your solution from scratch and provide 
manufacturable solutions.
LABORATORY TEST AND FUNCTIONAL SAMPLES  We verify critical characteristics at relatively modest expense by testing.
PROCUREMENT- AND PRODUCTIONS LOGISTICS An established network of expert suppliers and strategic alliances which make sure that you will get your products just in 
PROTOTYPE ENGINEERING  Prototypes are invaluable for checking performance. The results feed back into an optimized final production design and 
PRODUCTION We manufacture your product in the specified batch quantities, 
with assured quality.
ASSEMBLING Our strength is the interdisciplinary assembling for high 
demanding products in a professional  environment.

ISO 9001:2008

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