Innovative Products That Make the World a Safer Place

From ballistic identification and comparison microscopes, to document examination and CSI equipment, Forensic Technology provides law enforcement agencies all over the world with the tools need to solve more crime.

Ballistic Identification


IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System) is the world standard in ballistic identification

Forensic Technology offers the world’s most advanced ballistic identification solution, IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System), which enables the sharing and comparison of significant quantities of exhibit information and images across a network of imaging sites, as well as the automated identification of likely matching bullets or cartridge cases.

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Document Examination


Built for every stage of document, identification, and currency examination

Advanced systems for the forensic examination of documents, whether they be passports, currency, or questioned documents. Projectina offers a wide range of viewing and analysis systems that cater to both small agencies all the way to large facilities.

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Comparison Microscopes


Comparison microscopes dedicated to helping you solve more crime

Projectina microscopes are built using exceptional craftsmanship and superior optics, and designed with industry best practices all the while mindful ot the examiner’s workflow. Our comparison microscopes are designed for use in forensic laboratories, specifically to compare evidence whether it be ballistics, firearms or toolmarks.

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Firearm Life Cycle Management


Firecycle is a web-based firearm data management solution that allows agencies to track the life of a weapon – from manufacture to destruction.

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Firearm Reference Table (FRT)


The Firearms Reference Table (FRT) is an interactvie computer database of firearms used for accurate identification and contains over 28,000 records of makes and models.

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CSI Equipment


Our crime scene equipment is designed for forensic science laboratories to help investigators and technicians in the criminal identification of evidence.

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OEM Engineering


Our expertise in engineering and OEM-manufacturing extends to opto-electronic components, subsystems and complete instruments. These also include laser collimators, laser mirrors, and focusing mechanics.

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