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INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network:Police Link Crimes, Guns & Suspects Across National Borders

Interpol and Forensic Technology partnership helps police continue investigations over borders and across the world.



White Paper:Transnational Organized Crime and Gun Violence: A Case for Ballistic Intelligence Sharing

A threat to the safety of citizens in any country, the criminal misuse of firearms present a wider danger to a nation’s security, peace, stability and development.



IBIN Handbook (2nd Edition)

With over 130,000 exhibits from multiple countries, the Interpol Ballistic Information Network's (IBIN) ever-growing database contains a vast resource of bullet and cartridge case information.



IBIS Hit Viewer

IBIS Hit Viewer will soon make it easier and faster
for fi rearm examiners to perform microscopic ballistic
comparisons based on potential IBIS matches.

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The International Trade in Endangered Species and the Firearm Nexus

The international trade in endangered species involves crimes which are inherently transnational in scope.



The RMP Ballistics Paper

The Royal Malaysian Police recently released a paper describing their experiences with IBIS TRAX-3D and how it has helped them link more crimes, firearms, and suspects.



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IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ is the latest generation of IBIS technology and includes exceptional 3D imaging, advanced comparison algorithms, and a robust infrastructure.



Projectina Comparison Microscopes

Projectina is a leader in the development and manufacture of forensic science products and specializes in the design and manufacturing of comparison microscopes for use in forensic investigations.



Projectina Document Examination Systems

Projectina has built a strong reputation in the design, production and support of document examination systems.



Projectina Crime Scene Equipment

Projectina offers a wide variety of crime scene lighting and equipment for use in both the laboratory, and in the field.

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Firearm Lifecycle Management: IBIS Firecycle

Firecycle helps public safety and government organizations track a gun’s life cycle from manufacture through commercial sales, to individual or professional transactions, to criminal use, all the way to seizure and ultimately, to final disposition or destruction.



The Safeguard Protection Plan

Your technology investment is important and significant. Forensic Technology’s SafeGuard™ plan ensures that your investment yields exceptional results on a consistent basis by maintaining your high-tech equipment at an optimal performance standard.



Vision X is more than a comparison microscope - it's a solution dedicated to helping you solve more crime.

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