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SafeGuard Protection Plan

Getting the most out of your forensic investment


Your technology investment is important and significant. Forensic Technology’s SafeGuard™ plan ensures that your investment yields exceptional results on a consistent basis by maintaining your high-tech equipment at an optimal performance standard. As a SafeGuard member, you automatically benefit from new features released with every major software upgrade.

Our Plan not only optimizes system operation, it is also flexible and provides options that address your specific requirements and constraints such as languages, movement of replacement parts and local representation. The cost benefits realized from Forensic Technology’s SafeGuard plan protects your initial investment which, in turn, allows you to achieve a sustainable solution.

13 Critical Tasks

An inside-out approach to solving more gun crime.

The 13 Critical Tasks is more than a workshop or book. It is a fundamental approach to the way in which firearm crime is investigated.

Leveraging his over 45 years of experience in law enforcement, and investigating successful forensic lab practices, Pete Gagliardi has assembled a formidable collection of critical tasks that every agency should know about.

Tackling more than simple procedures or programs, The 13 Critical Tasks approaches the topic of solving firearm crime by using the inside-out approach that spans all facets of the system from policy and prosecutorial to investigative and inventory.

The inside-out approach to the investigation of firearm crime presumes that there is an abundance of data inside – which is transferred to fired bullets and cartridge cases – and outside every crime gun. When fully exploited, this data can be used to generate actionable information of tactical and strategic crime solving value.

“Thousands are killed by gunfire each year and hundreds of thousands more are threatened or injured in robberies and assaults.

In The 13 Critical Tasks, Pete Gagliardi lays out a practical set of ideas, supported by realworld examples, which can help cities address their gun crime problems now. He clearly shows that the harm done by armed criminals can be mitigated through the comprehensive collection and analysis of crime gun information and by achieving balance in the people, processes, and technologies mobilized to apprehend repeat gun offenders. This book is a must-have for law enforcement executives everywhere.”

—Dr. Anthony A. Braga, Harvard University

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Training Services

Maximizing your agency's efficiency


Our product training is available from a wide variety of sources to suit individual learning styles and needs. Our training program ensures that your investment yields exceptional results, bringing value to your team and department.

The training department offers an eLearning module that introduces the new features in IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™.

For course availability, scheduling and pricing, please contact us by email, or by telephone at: 514-489-4247


NEW | Training Series Webinars

We are pleased to announce the launch of our free Training Series Webinars. Our one-hour online sessions will introduce a variety of topics, and will feature demos which will help you in your day-to-day tasks with our systems. Our webinars are available to all our customers worldwide, in English only. Click on one of the topics below to register.


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elearningeLearning  Has Arrived!

An eLearning module introducing the new features of IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ is now available.  In order to have access to the online training, please complete the Request Training Information form.

Hit / Lead Reporting

We produce plaques, free of charge for agencies that report their hits

Please use the form to the right to report your hit milestones.

This information will be sent to our Marketing Department that will produce a hit plaque for your agency. You should expect delivery of your plaque within 4-6 weeks of report submission.


Dimensions of plaques:

8.5” x 11”
For hits of: 1st to 200th

11” x 17”
For hits from 250th and above


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