Strafverfolgungs- und öffentliche Sicherheitsbehörden weltweit verwenden seit über 25 Jahren Produkte von Forensic Technology, um Ihren Gemeinden zu helfen. Entdecken Sie Erfolgsgeschichten und teilen Sie Ihre.
No Gun Left Behind : New Jersey’s Inside-Out Approach to Gun Crime

Change is not easy. Whether it be at a political level, management level, or even at the forensic lab, the need for change isn’t always broadcast and effecting change isn’t always easy. This video is an excellent summary of how actionable intelligence can be obtained from crime guns and related evidence. The innovation, will, and

NIBIN Glendale Church Shooting

NIBIN, powered by IBIS technology, proves pivotal in helping solve this Arizona firearm crime.

Police Link Crimes, Guns & Suspects Across National Borders

A violent transnational gang, operating between Spain and Portugal, has been stopped thanks to diligent police work, rigorous cross border protocols, and an innovative new-technology-based program called the INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network (IBIN).



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