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VisionX Motorized Universal Holder

Motorized efficiency and ergonomic comfort

The VisionX motorized universal holder provides freedom of rotation on 3 axes for the examination of bullets, cartridge cases and more.

The Spacemouse® controller provides intuitive, ergonomic control of all movements. This allows the examiner to maintain comfortable hand, wrist and elbow position without ever having to look away from the binocular or screen.

® SpaceMouse is a registered trademark of 3DConnexion

Freedom of movement

Precise, motorized control of evidence allows the examiner to:

  • Rotate a bullet or cartridge case a full 360 degrees
  • Tilt to adjust for reflectance and examine uneven surfaces such as damaged bullets and fragments
  • Twist to line up rifling marks and other striations
  • Translate in X and Y planes to position evidence
  • Focus using coarse, fine and super fine controls


  • One-touch button to jump to the next LEA/GEA on a bullet to confirm matching areas more quickly and easily.
  • Orient cartridge case headstamp according to established protocols, and store that position for easy recall after viewing other regions of interest.
  • Tilt cartridge case and rotate the surface area to view extractor and chamber marks.
  • Multiple rotating axes are easily synchronized on left and right sides.

Universal Holder

  • Accepts other VisionX mounting accessories such as brush mounts for cartridge cases and plasticine mounts for fragments.
  • Includes a range of BULLETTRAX-compatible magnetized tips in different sizes.

Motorized Remote Collaboration

  • Allows remote-operator complete control over evidence rotation and positioning.
  • Less local-operator manipulation allows for seamless remote confirmation of bullet matches.
  • Facilitates training opportunities and peer review.
VisionX Motorized Universal Holder


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