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    IBIS connects registered gun to assassin

    by Paul Wrensted
    Sales Director Asia-Pacific, Forensic Technology AEC (Thailand) Limited
    with information from CNN Philippines.

    The gunman nearly botched the job. He had tried to use a .45 caliber gun, but it jammed.
    His .40 caliber would have to do. A few minutes later, Rodel Batocabe and Orlando Diaz lay dead.

    Batocabe was a representative of the AKO BICOL party and Diaz had been assigned as his security detail. The two men died on December 22nd 2018 in what is believed to be a political-assassination plot.

    Cartridge cases and bullets recovered from the crime scene matched a .40 caliber firearm registered to the accused gunman. IBIS matched the crime-scene casings to those registered in the civilian non-crime database.

    IBIS is an automated ballistic imaging and analysis system

    Six suspects have been arrested and much of the evidence now points to incumbent Mayor Carlwyn Baldo as the plot mastermind. Batocabe had been set to challenge Albay for office: the IBIS matches will be useful in corroborating the gunman’s conspiracy story implicating Baldo.

    IBIS is an automated ballistic imaging and analysis system that populates a computerized database with digital images of bullets and cartridge cases from crime guns and registered guns. The system assists forensic experts in making identifications for investigations and trials.

    The Republic of the Philippines has instituted a program to register all legal firearms—including their ballistic fingerprints—in a registration database. Ballistic images from crime-scene evidence are entered in the crime database and are routinely checked for matches in the registration database.

    In this case, a match was found allowing police to identify a suspect. Baldo and the six suspects are facing murder and six counts of multiple frustrated murder charges.

    With further information from Manila Sunstar.

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