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Webinar series: Writing Winning Grant Proposals For A Regional Preventative Crime Gun Strategy

Learn about every stage of writing successful grant proposals – from finding the right grant for your organization to writing elements, and gaining support along the way.

IBIS v3.2 – Faster Correlation Reviews and Seamless Data Interchange

IBIS v3.2 is the latest upgrade of the software that powers IBIS. This upgrade strrengthens correlation and simplifies correlation reviews, integrates IBIS with law enforcement’s intelligence systems, provides IBIN members with hit notifications, exports 3D images to X3P file format, and supports the latest version of BULLETTRAX.

Webinar Series | NIBIN-led policing: a Prosecutor’s perspective

Collaboration between police investigators, forensic experts, and prosecutors is a key contributor to successful firearm-related crime investigations. This webinar looks at how to maximize intelligence for both the investigation and prosecution of cases once investigative leads have been identified through the ATF National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN). Presenters: Marisa McKeown, Supervising Deputy District Attorney, Santa Clara, CA and Ron Nichols, Nichols Forensic Science Consulting, 25+ years’ experience as a firearm and toolmark examiner.

Webinar Series | An Innovative Strategy for Managing Firearm Related Casework

This webinar discusses not only the concept of using regional ballistic networks to handle and manage casework innovatively but, also shows how this strategy has been effectively incorporated by one police agency to a great amount of success.

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