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Investigative & Intelligence Strategies

Webinar Series | Forensic Led Policing

The Miami-Dade Police Department’s Forensic Services Bureau has a robust NIBIN program. It strives to meet or exceed MROS standards on the large amount of firearm and casing evidence it receives. As a result, a foundation has been established for downstream intelligence efforts. An intelligence analyst within the FSB receives the NIBIN link information and

Webinar Series | Overlaying Digital Intelligence and Ballistics Technology to Enhance Investigations

This webinar will examine how information from each of these technologies can be turned into actionable intelligence and utilized by investigators to solve crime gun investigations.

Webinar Series | Social Network Analysis

Find out how NIBIN leads can be used to gain insight into how violent incidents can be connected through a common gun and how to link incident data to the individuals involved in those crimes.

Social Network Analysis

Join us on June 7 at 3 pm EST for our free Webinar presented in collaboration with The Justice Clearinghouse.


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