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IBIS v3.2 – Faster Correlation Reviews and Seamless Data Interchange
IBIS v3.2 – Faster Correlation Reviews and Seamless Data Interchange

IBIS v3.2 is the latest upgrade of the software that powers IBIS to help law enforcement agencies establish matches between fired bullets or cartridge cases. This version represents another leap in automated ballistic identification development and our commitment to the community in providing the most advanced technology of its kind.

IBIS v3.2 is the outcome of thousands of hours of research and development. It contains many performance and interface improvements, as well as new features. Here are the highlights:

Strengthens correlation and simplifies correlation reviews

  • Stronger correlation performance makes similar cartridge cases more apparent.
  • Score Normalization provides more meaningful score values in a standardized range.
  • Unified Score provides a single score of overall similarity to simplify and accelerate correlation reviews.

Integrates IBIS with law enforcement’s intelligence systems

  • Law enforcement agencies combine data from many sources to carry out investigations. The IBIS External System Interface will allow the automatic export of IBIS data to systems outside the IBIS network, giving analysts and investigators more and better actionable intelligence.

Provides IBIN members with hit notifications

  • IBIN member countries will now receive an email notification when one of their cases is involved in an international hit.

Exports 3D images to X3P file format

  • An exhibit’s 3D images can be manually shared using the X3P (XML 3D Surface Profile) file format for X3P-compatible viewers.

Introduces numerous improvements

  • In addition to key features, IBIS v3.2 includes numerous enhancements often requested by users, as well as other improvements that contribute to a better user experience.

Supports latest version of BULLETTRAX

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