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    Webinar Series | Maximizing NIBIN’s Potential in the Courtroom

    This webinar will help prosecutors and law enforcement personnel understand how best to use NIBIN evidence in a courtroom. It will cover what NIBIN is and what it isn’t. It will explain how the NIBIN process works, how it informs investigations, and how evidence derived from NIBIN can dramatically strengthen prosecutions against “the worst of the worst” in your communities.  Improving prosecutors’ and law enforcement personnel’s understanding of NIBIN will make it easier for all users to take advantage of NIBIN’s benefits and weave NIBIN deeper into the fabric of criminal prosecution to maximize its public-safety impact. Equally important, improving NIBIN’s use in court protects against court decisions that could exclude, devalue, or undermine NIBIN – which would be a serious setback to the use of forensic technology to obtain and uphold convictions that improve public safety.

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