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    Lamp SL-450

    The ideal lamp for physical and/or trace evidence investigation.

    The rugged SL-450 is portable and cable-free and affords users unhindered movement around any crime scene location. Its powerful 35W Xenon lamp runs off a lithium-ion battery that delivers 90 minutes of continuous power.


    • 7 built-in filter settings giving you everything you need to work the crime scene
    • Lighter and smaller to carry
    • You can repair it in the field
    • Recharge on the move


    • Tripod for stability
    • Telescopic arm for ergonomic securing of evidence
    • Color filters
    • Shape converter and beam expander
    • Power adapter (100-240 VAC)
    • Peli case


    • 90-minute continuous operation on battery power
    • Maintenance-free
    • Rugged and lightweight construction
    • Ergonomic design
    Crime Scene Lamp SL-450

    PHYSICAL AND TRACE EVIDENCE INVESTIGATION The ruggedized SL-450 is fully portable and has no interconnected cables or shoulder packs—unlimited movement around the crime scene is assured. The Xenon-powered light source emits an outstanding light output for general crime scene investigation. The ideal lamp for physical and/or trace evidence investigation with seven built-in different spectra: white light, UV 365, 415, 450, 470, 505 and 530 nm.

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