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    Dust Print Lifter

    The Projectina Dust Print Lifter is used for recovering impression evidence such as tire tracks and footprints.

    Self-contained kit for recovering impression evidence.


    • Electrostatic voltage control unit
    • 4×6 in. nickeloid steel ground plate
    • 5×7 in. ground plate polycarbonate insulating sheet
    • 10 12×36 in. lifting foils
    • Insulated mat roller
    • Static discharge cable
    • 2 9V rechargeable alkaline batteries
    • 230V/50Hz battery charger (115V/60Hz optional)
    • 1 50 ft. roll of lifting material
    • 1 cutter

    Not available in Canada and USA

    Benefits :

    • The dust print is transferred to the lifting mat and appears as a precise mirror image of the original print.
    • The lifter is capable of lifting prints from rough-surfaced floor tiles or irregular flooring of any kind.

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