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    Foto Light Box

    The Foto Light Box is a versatile and easy-to-use forensic lab system for photographing evidence.

    The system’s optimal lighting captures and reproduces shadow-free and transmitted light images. Supporting both gelatine and transparent shoe print securing foils, the Foto Light Box is universal in its application possibilities.


    • Transmitted light illumination daylight 2x13W,
    • 300x455mm (11.8×17.9 in.) illuminated transmitted light surface with frosted glass insert
    • Two-light guide connections with 15V/150W integrated illumination adjustable via potentiometer
    • Fixing possibilities for Kaiser Repro illumination RB-5000 DL/RB-5003UV
    • 0 m guide column with height adjustment and sturdy camera mount
    • Shape converter side light with adjustable front lens shoe holder with support plate and image scale for shoe exposures, reproduction illumination for daylight and 365nm UV

    Benefits :

    • Optimal lighting setup allows capture and reproduction of shadow-free and transmitted light images
    • Supports both gelatine and transparent foils
    • Versatile

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