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    PAG LAB MSA-810

    The Projectina MSA-810 is your ultimate forensic lab tool.

    Complimenting the SL-450 Crime Scene Lamp, the MSA-810 is a powerful companion in trace evidence investigation, verification and documentation. Benefit from the following evidence search capabilities:

    • Biological stains
    • Latent fingerprints
    • Blood and other body fluids
    • Hair, paint chips, fibers
    • General searches
    • Second-treated fingerprints enhancement
    PAG LAB MSA-810

    IDEAL FOR TRACE EVIDENCE INVESTIGATION, VERIFICATION AND DOCUMENTATION The MSA-810 light source is designed to be operated in the laboratory and completes the SL-450 and CSL-700 models. Equipped with remote control (motorized filters, light intensity and shutter control), it is ideal for trace evidence investigation, verification and documentation.

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