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    Docustat DS-220

    The Docustat DS-220 system can be used for small and large sheets.


    The supplied IW plastic film is used for securing of indented writing (grooves) on different kinds of paper.


    • More sensitive than oblique lighting
    • Tilting collection device for easy toner disposal
    • Produces permanent 1-to-1 transparencies
    • Responds only to indented writing
    • Non-destructive: Will not contaminate documents
    • Easy document preparation: Integrated humidifier increases document sensitivity prior to electrostatic imaging
    • Corona exposure timer
    • Voltage presets for corona
    • Ventilation for airborne toner particles
    • Toner pads
    Docustat DS-220
    Docustat DS-220

    FOR THE VISUALIZATION OF INDENTED WRITING ON DOCUMENTS The Docustat DS-220 allows investigators to visualize indented writing on documents using the electrostatic imaging process. Many times more sensitive than the oblique lighting technique, the Docustat DS-220's larger unit size (450 x 440 mm), allows it to be used for both small and large sheets. The supplied plastic film, type IW, is used for securing the indented writing (grooves) from different kinds of paper.

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