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    Inspec 8 / 8s

    The system for second-level inspections at document verification checkpoints.

    Compact and multifunctional, the INSPEC 8 and 8S document verification stations are ideal for second-level inspections at a range of checkpoints.


    Equipped with multiple illumination systems and full HD resolution, INSPEC verification stations allow easy document examination at immigration checkpoints, airports, banks, police stations and currency exchange offices.

    Inspec 8 Features:

    • 8 integrated lighting sources
    • Easy-to-use keypad and front controls
    • Full HD resolution IR color camera
    • 20x zoom objective
    • Up to 72x magnification with 24″ monitor
    • Excitation filter, blue-light 380-570 nm
    • Camera barrier filter: 610/665/715/780/850 nm/Neutral
    • DVI monitor connection for direct live image
    • USB live camera port

    Inspec 8S Features:

    • 11 integrated lighting sources
    • UV illumination 365 nm, 2x9W
    • UV illumination 313 nm, 1x9W
    • IR broadband illumination for “anti-Stokes inks” examination 750-1000 nm
    • LED illumination for OVDs
    • Remote control via USB
    Inspec 8 / 8s

    EASY DOCUMENT EXAMINATION The INSPEC 8 has been specifically designed for second-level inspections at immigration checkpoints, banks, and police departments. With lateral openings, the INSPEC 8 is extremely easy to use and can be adapted to any user's skill level. The INSPEC 8 uses full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and an image capture function on SD card.

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