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The Micro Macro microscope DMM-2000 with digital technique is the ideal instrument for examinations in Forensic Sciences, e.g. fibres, ballistics (angle determination of land and grove), etc.


  • Magnification range from 5x – 2400x
  • Built-in high resolution digital or video camera
  • Professional image enhancement and measuring software
  • Special accessories for angle determination of land and groove

THE IDEAL DIGITAL INSTRUMENT FOR FORENSIC SCIENCE EXAMINATIONS The Digital Measuring Microscope DMM 2000 with micro and macro optics is enhanced with several digital camera capabilities providing an outstanding image quality. It also boasts a modular and compact design and user-friendly controls. This versatile instrument is not only suitable for laboratory work, but also for teaching in various application areas, such as textiles, trace evidence, metallurgy, electronics, cables, precision engineering, food, paper, packaging, and plastics.

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