Quantum 3d

Introducing a game-changer for firearm and toolmark examiners

The latest evolution in firearm and toolmark identification technology

Forensic Technology is taking a technological leap forward by using new 3D methods to bring more objectivity to common source opinions.

Go beyond the capabilities of conventional comparison microscopes

Conventional comparison microscopes are essential to firearm and toolmark identification. Now, new capabilities are emerging based on 3D virtual comparison microscopy that will allow you to do even more with less effort.

Goddard and Hatcher would have loved what we’re about to show you…

Measurements from the 3D topography of objects feed correlation algorithms and statistical models to support expert conclusions with objective confidence levels and error rates.

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The Quantum Journey – 3D Comparison Microscopy

The Quantum Journey –
3D Comparison Microscopy

Since its development, the light comparison microscope has been the primary tool for firearm and toolmark examiners.

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The Quantum Journey

The Quantum Journey

The journey of forensic ballistics that spans a century has arrived at a new milestone.

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Thursday, May 28


Session 1

10:00 (EDT) • 16 :00 (CEST)

Session 2

13:00 (EDT) • 11:00 (MT) • 10:00 (PT)


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Ron Nichols

Guest Speaker
President and Chief Consultant
Nichols Forensic Science Consulting

Michel Paradis

Product Manager
Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology

Andrew Boyle

Manager/IBIN Liaison
& Firearms Reference
Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology

Danny Roberge

Senior Scientist
Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology

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