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    IBIS ACCESS at a Glance

    Receiving actionable investigative leads from the timely processing of ballistic evidence is critical for law enforcement. IBIS ACCESS is a subscription service that provides law enforcement agencies access to IBIS — the easy-to-use technology needed to digitally acquire and submit ballistic evidence onto an IBIS Network.

    With onsite installation, comprehensive training and 24/7 support, IBIS ACCESS is affordably priced to fit the size and needs of agencies..

    IBIS Networks

    When interconnecting several IBIS acquisition units together, the resulting network enables the sharing and comparison of significant quantities acquired ballistic evidence across jurisdictions to generate timely investigative leads to link crimes involving the same firearm.

    IBIS networks foster the regional, national and even international collaboration amongst law enforcement agencies by allowing them to perform reliable searches and correlations using powerful algorithms across thousands of exhibits stored in ballistic databases.


    With IBIS ACCESS, agencies can quickly acquire and install an IBIS solution and avail themselves of several benefits including:



    Lower Upfront Investment With IBIS ACCESS, agencies can move away from capital expenses associated with purchasing their equipment, to a more predictable operational expense budget.



    Complete Hardware and Software Management IBIS ACCESS eliminates the hassle of updating the hardware and software before it goes obsolete. Agencies benefit from regular hardware and software component updates included with the subscription.



    Rapid and Flexible Expansion In the event that an agency’s operational context significantly changes, IBIS ACCESS makes it easier to rapidly scale-up the IBIS solutions by augmenting the acquisition capacity levels of the subscription package either by adding additional acquisition or by adding analysis stations.



    Added Value In addition to the benefits associated with using the latest technology, IBIS ACCESS offers additional peace of mind by including installation of the solution, end-user training, punctual coaching, ongoing monitoring and customer support.


    Predictable annual budgets

    Access to an IBIS Network

    Access to latest IBIS technology

    All-inclusive subscription solution

    Customized service packages

    Why does IBIS ACCESS fit your agency’s needs



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