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    Making Ghost Guns a Little Less Scary

    Auteur: Andrew Boyle

    The term “Ghost Gun” is used to describe any firearm that does not have a serial number. The onset of 3D-printed firearms means that ghost guns with no external markings whatsoever will be a reality for IBIS users around the world when they’re trying to add a firearm exhibit into IBIS. Since these scenarios leave no way whatsoever to identify whom the manufacturer could be, we’ve added “Ghost Gun” as an option within the IBIS Firearm Make drop list.

    Ghost guns are also sometimes made by companies that only design, manufacture and sell firearm receivers that were made to 80% completion. U.S. law dictates that if 20% of the manufacturing has yet to be completed then the receiver is not legally considered a firearm and thus not legally bound to have a serial number applied to it by the manufacturer. Companies that do this, such as Polymer80 and Lone Wolf R&D, will be added to the Firearm Make drop list as they are brought to our attention.

    As always, if you need any firearm makes, models and/or calibers added to your IBIS database you need only send the specifics to FTI.Support@Ultra-FT.com and a representative from our Global Customer Service (GCS) will log the request so it can be added.


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