IBIS TRAX-HD3D | IBIS Management

User Course Outline

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to enable supervisors to create protocols and procedures concerning the use of IBIS that ensure data integrity and facilitate a successful IBIS program.


  • Basic computer skills (Windows® environment)
  • Firearm knowledge
  • Introduction to IBIS TRAX-HD3D ELearning modules


Course: 3 days
Analysis: up to 2 days

MODULE 1 – IBIS Overview
  • Components & Dataflow
MODULE 2 – Your Casework
  • Workload (Serious Crime; Volume Crime; Seized Firearms; Registration)
  • OCF & Backlog
  • Staffing levels and skill sets
MODULE 3 – Data Entry Standard Operating Procedures
  • Naming conventions
  • Lab worksheets
  • SOPs for Crime Incidents on BRASSTRAX & BULLETTRAX
  • SOPs for Test Fires on BRASSTRAX & BULLETTRAX
  • SOPs for correlation reviews on MATCHPOINT
MODULE 4 – Quality Control
  • Identifying and correcting Data Entry Errors
  • Identifying and correcting Image Acquisition Errors
  • Reports
MODULE 5 – Logs
  • IBIS entry log; QC log; High confidence log; Backup log; Service log
MODULE 6 – Correlation Rules
  • Automatic vs. Manual correlations. Additional Correlation requests. Local, Regional, National, International correlations
MODULE 7 – Prioritizing Casework to effectively yield potential hits
  • Filtering by region, caliber, date and crime category

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