Green Bay Police Department's Success Story: Leveraging IBIS and NIBIN to Enhance Public Safety (En inglés)

Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In a remarkable achievement for community safety, the Green Bay Police Department reported a significant decrease in crime rates for the year 2023. The overall crime rate in Green Bay dropped by 13%, with crimes against persons seeing a notable reduction of 19%. This improvement in public safety marks a milestone for the department, showcasing the effective use of advanced technology, such as the IBIS (Integrated Ballistics Identification System), and ATF’s NIBIN program (National Integrated Ballistic Information Network).

Innovative Crime-Fighting Tool: The department's introduction of the IBIS technology a few years ago has been a game-changer in crime investigation and prevention. This sophisticated system, which allows for the comparison of shell casings from different crime scenes, has significantly expedited the investigative process. According to Police Chief Chris Davis, the use of IBIS and NIBIN has enabled Green Bay Police to make connections between incidents that previously would have been challenging. This allowed the department to develop actionable leads more quickly than ever before – sometimes within hours.

Impact on Gun-Related Crimes: The use of IBIS and NIBIN contributed to a decrease in gun-related crimes in Green Bay. There was a reduction in reports of shots fired, reaching the lowest number since 2019. Additionally, the department handled fewer cases involving concealed carry violations and felons in possession of firearms. This decline in gun crimes underscores the effectiveness of the NIBIN program in tracing and linking firearms used in various incidents.


Broader Crime Reduction Efforts: The Green Bay Police Department’s success is not solely attributed to the use of IBIS and NIBIN. A holistic approach, incorporating various tools, technologies, and community-focused strategies, has been key. This includes tackling the supply chain of illegal drugs, focusing on treating drug users, and engaging in proactive community policing. Chief Davis emphasizes the importance of a community-wide effort, including the role of the Office of Violence Prevention in reducing crime before it occurs.

A Model for Public Safety: The Green Bay Police Department's successful integration of IBIS and NIBIN into its crime-fighting arsenal serves as an inspiring model for other law enforcement agencies. The significant reduction in crime rates in Green Bay demonstrates the potential of combining advanced technology with strategic policing and community engagement to create safer communities.



Please consult the original news report published by on Jan. 18, 2024 here 


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