NIBIN and Video Unveil the Truth: Tampa's Homicide Suspect Apprehended (En inglés)

Tampa, Florida – In a striking example of cutting-edge investigative techniques and relentless dedication, Tampa Police Department detectives cracked a homicide case that had sent shockwaves through the community. The November 2022 shooting on Bayshore Blvd that left a victim dead and a city on edge was a chilling crime. The collaboration between NIBIN (National Integrated Ballistic Information Network) and video surveillance ultimately brought the perpetrator to justice.


A Nightmarish Encounter by the Water

On the night of November 5, 2022, at 2231 hours, a peaceful evening on Bayshore Blvd took a dark turn. Two individuals enjoying the waterfront were confronted by an unknown figure on a bicycle who uttered ominous words: "there is my target." Before they could comprehend the danger, gunshots rang out, shattering the serenity. The assailant fired multiple rounds into the water, sending the victims fleeing in panic. The Tampa Police were immediately summoned to the scene, where spent cartridges were diligently collected as evidence.


A Tragic Discovery

The horrors of that night deepened when, just hours later at 0157 on November 6, 2022, the Tampa Police Department received a report of a victim found with multiple gunshot wounds, lifeless. The link between this victim and the Bayshore Blvd shooting was yet to be established, but detectives were determined to find answers.

NIBIN's Silent Clues

Initially, the 9mm spent cartridges recovered at the homicide scene failed to yield any significant leads when entered into NIBIN. But on November 7, 2022, a potential breakthrough emerged. The 9mm spent cartridges collected from the Bayshore Blvd shooting by the unknown bicyclist were entered into NIBIN, revealing a possible connection to the homicide. This revelation spurred further investigation, pointing towards a Taurus firearm.


Piecing Together the Puzzle

While video footage around the homicide scene was less than optimal, meticulous scrutiny yielded a promising lead. Officers sifted through hours of footage, gradually building a detailed description of the suspect. Clues about his clothing, backpack, and bicycle emerged, giving investigators a clearer image to work with.


The Arrest and Confession

With the suspect's profile in hand, officers intensified their search in areas frequented by homeless individuals. On November 8, 2022, at 2030 hourrs, their efforts bore fruit. Officers located a subject matching the suspect's description, holding him until Homicide Detectives K. Nightlinger and A. Skolarus arrived at the scene. The suspect was in possession of a bicycle and backpack matching the descriptions from the videos.

Under intense questioning, the suspect, identified as Timothy McGovern (DOB 3/9/93), confessed to the shooting. A search warrant was swiftly executed at his residence, leading to the recovery of a Taurus G2C 9mm firearm. A crucial breakthrough emerged when a test fired cartridge from the recovered firearm was entered into NIBIN, revealing matching characteristics to the spent cartridge recovered from the homicide scene.


Justice Prevails

Timothy McGovern's arrest and confession brought a measure of closure to the community that had been rattled by these crimes. The collaboration between NIBIN technology, video surveillance, and relentless investigative work underscores the power of modern law enforcement in solving even the most complex and harrowing cases.

As Timothy McGovern faces the consequences of his actions, the Tampa Police Department's success story serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that with unwavering dedication and the tools of modern investigation, justice can indeed prevail.



To read the original article, visit the Tampa Bay Times website. For more information on the ATF’s NIBIN program and its impact on crime-solving, visit ATF NIBIN. To learn more about IBIS, the technology that underpins the NIBIN program and allows local law enforcement agencies to access NIBIN and leverage its investigative potential, visit IBIS Access


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