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    PAGScan Document Reader

    The PAGScan document reader was designed to quickly and accurately read a wide range of documents.

    The compact PAGScan reads a wide range of documents quickly and accurately, including: RFID modules, smart card readers for passports and visas, ID cards, driver’s licenses, bar codes and more.


    • Compact ergonomic design
    • Full-page, single-step e-passport scanner with automatic document detection
    • High resolution 500dpi LED-based imaging under visible white, IR light
    • ISO and ICAO standards compliant: Supports BAC, EAC, PA, AA and PACE
    • RFID
    • USB port for easy connection
    • Face comparison between data page photo and RFID DG2
    • Reads 1D and 2D bar codes from paper-based documents
    PAGScan Document Reader

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