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Crime-fighting technologies are constantly evolving, as are the criminals committing the gun crimes in the first place.

As a result, forensic and law enforcement professionals are faced with a wide spectrum of technical and operational challenges such as: complex firearm forensic cases, increased volume of casework, intricate product integration and customization, multifaceted gun crime intelligence operations, etc. Our professional services will help you ensure that your forensic equipment is running efficiently, that your technical personnel are proficient and up to date, and that your firearm forensic and intelligence programs are optimized and well managed.

Some of these services include:

  • Consulting and advisory services regarding your firearm forensic and intelligence programs
  • Customized training (development and delivery) and coaching services
  • Customized ballistics data analytics and reporting
  • Evidence acquisition and ballistic correlation review services
  • System integration and customization services
  • Advisory services regarding your program funding proposals
  • Consulting and technical advisory services regarding your case work
  • Etc.

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