History of Forensic Technology & IBIS

Forensic Technology began operations in 1991, when Walsh Automation Inc. recognized that the convergence of automation, optics, and hardware technologies could be leveraged to help police quickly and efficiently identify firearm evidence from crime scenes. They called this new technology the Integrated Ballistics Identification System, or IBIS.

The newly created IBIS was quickly put to use by law enforcement agencies in the United States and instantly proved integral to the rapid linking of shell casings to others or a specific firearm.

In 1999, a major federal agency established a vast network of IBIS systems across the country in order to combat and reduce violent crime. To this day, the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) provides local, state, tribal and federal law enforcement partners with a resource that allows investigators to match ballistics evidence with other cases across the United States. By 2002, the US was equipped with nearly 220 networked IBIS stations.

In 2009, Forensic Technology entered into an agreement with INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) that empowered IBIS-equipped nations to easily share and correlate ballistics evidence across international borders. This collaboration marked the start of IBIN, the Interpol Ballistic Information Network.

In 2014, Forensic Technology was acquired by Ultra Electronics Holdings plc, a successful multi-national defense, security, transport and energy company.

In 2020, Ultra Forensic Technology launched the Quantum 3D Microscope which provided firearm and tool mark examiners with the industry’s best 3D visual and quantitative tools for common source determination. In addition, IBIS ACCESS, a subscription-based service, was introduced to allow smaller law enforcement agencies access to their national network.

In 2023, Forensic Technology was acquired by LeadsOnline LLC, a provider of data, technology and intelligence tools to U.S. law enforcement agencies. Together, the organizations will provide global investigators with enhanced data and tools to advance their cases faster – from thefts to homicides and, particularly, gun crimes.

As a LeadsOnline company, we employ more than 260 people worldwide from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, forensic science, information technology, law enforcement and security – all engaged in providing solutions for a safer society.

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