The IBIS® Solution – Integrated Ballistic Identification System

IBIS is a technological weapon in the fight against gun violence. The IBIS search engine extends the capabilities of law enforcement agencies to quickly find links between firearm-related crimes.

How it works

  • IBIS uses specialized 3D microscopy to capture the unique marks left by firearms on fired bullets and cartridge cases.
  • An IBIS solution can start with one location and can extend to multiple sites, all contributing seamlessly within an integrated network.
  • IBIS makes it possible for agencies to collaborate across jurisdictions, both within a national program and internationally.
  • IBIS uses powerful algorithms to reveal the most likely matches within IBIS networks representing millions of bullets and cartridge cases.
  • High-definition 3D viewing makes it easy to review the top search results, ranked by similarity, by using virtual microscopy to visually compare surface details.
  • A match found in IBIS is often sufficiently apparent to provide an investigative lead, without having access to the physical evidence.
  • If required for court testimony, an IBIS match can be formally confirmed by a firearm examiner.

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