IBIS Correlation Engine

Comparison Processing and Data Sharing

The IBIS Correlation Engine is the search engine of IBIS. It uses complex algorithms to compare an exhibit's image signatures with all other relevant exhibits in an IBIS® network.

Resultant correlation scores rank potential matches according to similarity. This ranking allows operators to rapidly search through hundreds of thousands of exhibits, and to focus only on the candidates with the highest probability of a match. The correlation searches can be launched automatically or manually. Their scope can be optimized to correspond to known crime patterns, and their reach can be extended to encompass law enforcement agencies that collaborate regionally, nationally, and internationally.

These IBIS correlation algorithms are tailored to the complexities of firearm forensics and are designed to maintain strong performance even when searching large databases, compensating for the large amount of data noise that is inherent in ballistic image databases, and combining the comparison of multiple markings to enhance matching probability.

Correlation Engine Features:

  • Scalable processing capacity
  • Correlation algorithms for optimal performance in large databases
  • Streamlined data transfers to minimize the use of network bandwidth and infrastructure costs
  • Data backup (on-site, off-site, and remote options)
  • Highly reliable server-type computer

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