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Developing a Preventive Crime Gun Strategy

Webinar Series | Building a Crime Gun Intelligence Capability

Viewers will gain a greater understanding of the critical inter-organizational elements that are necessary for advancing a robust crime gun intelligence capacity capable of informing and influencing command decision-makers and investigators in the field.

Webinar Series | Elevating Community Engagement and Relationships to Reduce Gun Violence

This webinar is presented in collaboration with the Justice Clearinghouse and The National Police Foundation.

Webinar Series | The Wichita Crime Gun Intelligence Center: a Unique Law Enforcement University Partnership Approach

When implementing or enhancing an existing regional preventive crime gun strategy, partnerships are critical to the success of any initiative. In October, 2019 the Wichita Crime Gun Intelligence Center was launched, involving the first of its kind law enforcement-university partnership between the Wichita Police Department and Wichita State University (WSU).

Webinar Series | Preserving and Enhancing Your Violent Crime Reduction Program in the Era of “De-funding’’

This webinar emphasizes the core components necessary for an effective violent crime reduction strategy.

Webinar Series | Incorporating the Minimum Required Operating Standards Into Your Agency’s NIBIN Organizational Lifestyle

Whether initiating or enhancing a preventive crime gun strategy, the ATF National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) must be a cornerstone of the initiative.

Webinar Series | Making NIBIN an Organizational Lifestyle

Learn how you can turn “good enough” intentions into an organizational lifestyle that provides the best results for your preventive crime gun initiative.

Webinar Series | Building a Preventive Crime Gun Strategy

Learn about these 8 key components, but will also hear from representatives from two agencies on how they implemented successful regional initiatives using these components.

Webinar Series | Initiating or Enhancing Your Regional Preventive

Discover the single most important consideration for ensuring cross jurisdictional evidence is incorporated into your regional crime-gun strategy.


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