IBIS ACCESS – Subscription Service

The world’s leading ballistic identification technology as a subscription service

IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System) enables the sharing and comparison of significant quantities of exhibit information and images across a network of imaging sites, as well as the automated identification of likely matching bullets or cartridge cases.

IBIS is the world’s leading automated ballistic identification solution

Advanced technology

3D microscopy captures the unique marks left by firearms on fired bullets and cartridge cases.


Powerful algorithms reveal the most likely matches within IBIS Networks.

Automated process

Automated acquisition process with an intuitive software reduces case processing times.

Global presence – 1,400 IBIS stations installed in over 80 countries

New subscription service - IBIS ACCESS

IBIS® ACCESSTM—our new and affordable option—offers the latest IBIS technology as a subscription service.

As a viable alternative to equipment purchase, IBIS ACCESS makes our leading ballistic identification solution more accessible.

  • Designed for lower budgets, an annual subscription fee is charged only on the volume of evidence processed as it comes in.
  • Eliminates the need to buy expensive lab equipment, handle complicated setup, and maintain complex computing systems.
  • No hassles when equipment becomes obsolete.
  • A complete turnkey solution that includes shipping, installation, employee training, warranty, and 24/7 support.
USA Rest of World – International

Rest of World – International

How does the subscription work?
  • Under the ACCESS subscription contract, agencies can select the hardware equipment required to image cartridge cases and bullets and have it installed at their premises.
  • Agencies can then choose one of the flexible usage plans that aligns with their operational needs and their budget.
  • The acquired images and relevant data can then be securely stored on hosted servers, where the data will be processed and the results will be sent back to the agency’s analysis station.
  • The results received at the analysis station can be reviewed and used to identify matches.
What’s included in the subscription?
  • IBIS® BRASSTRAXTM and IBIS® BULLETTRAXTM acquisition packages include a specific number of acquisitions for the contract period1.
  • IBIS® MATCHPOINTTM analysis station needs to be included in the subscription to review the correlation results done on the corresponding BRASSTRAX or BULLETTRAX2.
  • Subscription includes shipping, installation, training, customer support, and warranty3.
  • As an option, agencies can subscribe to the hosted infrastructure to store, process, and correlate their acquired data. Various data packages are available to suit the agency’s needs4.
  • Subscribing customers will receive software and hardware5 upgrades to ensure that they have the latest IBIS technology.

Benefits of the subscription solution

Cost savings

Agencies can move away from large capital expenditures associated with purchasing equipment, to smaller predictable annual budgets.

Hardware and software upgrades included

Agencies benefit from regular hardware and software updates included with the subscription. This eliminates the hassles when equipment becomes obsolete.

No on-premise data servers

Agencies don’t need to worry about the cost and resources associated with setting up and maintaining data centers. All storage and processing of data is done on the servers hosted and managed by Ultra Forensic Technology.

Customized subscription packages

Agencies select a package to suit their anticipated requirements and pay based on the volume processed. If needed, the packages can be easily scaled up or down.

Turnkey solution

Subscription to ACCESS includes installation, end-user training and coaching, ongoing monitoring, and customer support.

Latest IBIS technology

Agencies have easy and low-cost access to the latest IBIS technology.

Streamlined annual subscription payments

Robust data redundancy, availability, and failover

Some of the procurement challenges overcome through IBIS ACCESS

Receiving actionable intelligence from the timely processing of ballistic evidence is critical for law enforcement. IBIS ACCESS offers flexible options to overcome some of the challenges when procuring a ballistic identification solution.



Purchase or subscription?




Payment Annual payments Upfront
SafeGuard Included Purchased separately
Software upgrades Included Included
Hardware upgrades Included5 Purchased separately
Customer support Included Included
Acquisition/correlation volume As per package Unlimited
Equipment ownership Ultra Forensic Technology Agency

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  1. Agencies can subscribe to more than one hardware
  2. Separate MATCHPOINT software is needed for bullets and cartridge cases
  3. A one-time setup fee will be charged to cover shipping and installation costs
  4. Existing IBIS customers can choose to utilize their existing IBIS infrastructure for data storage and processing
  5. Hardware will be eligible for refresh at the end of a 7-year active contract
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