Automated Cartridge Case Triage Solution (IBIS® ClearCase)

Launch your gun crime investigation with ease, precision, and speed

IBIS® ClearCaseTM marks a revolutionary advancement in gun crime investigation, offering an automated, rapid solution that significantly enhances the triage and analysis of cartridge cases from crime scenes. It delivers unbiased, accurate triage results within minutes, preserving crucial DNA and fingerprint evidence, thanks to the use of patented casing containers* developed by Loci Forensics B.V.


Key Features and Characteristics
  • Automated Efficiency: Processes cartridge cases swiftly, turning days or weeks into minutes. Its rotating tray facilitates the handling of numerous cartridge cases with ease.
  • Trace Evidence Preservation: The use of innovative casing containers* from Loci Forensics B.V. ensures the integrity of DNA and fingerprints, streamlining the ballistic analysis without compromise.
  • Actionable Insight: Provides immediate investigative insights, identifying the number and caliber of firearms involved and recommending the optimal cartridge cases for submission to your Ballistic Identification Network (e.g., NIBIN).
  • Intuitive Operation: Features an easy-to-use interface, including a straightforward touch screen and user-friendly web and mobile applications, eliminating the need for specialized training.
  • Advanced Technology: Employs state-of-the-art algorithms for precise analysis, building on over 30 years of innovation in ballistic identification.

Main benefits for your agency


Significantly cuts down on crime scene evidence processing time.


Reduces operational expenses for law enforcement agencies.


Delivers consistently high-quality and dependable results.


Easily handles any volume of cartridge cases.


Simplifies the cartridge case triaging process.

Operational Fluidity

Seamlessly adapts to and enhances existing investigative workflows.

IBIS® ClearCaseTM represents the future of automated cartridge case triaging, designed to meet the critical demands of modern law enforcement with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Discover how IBIS ClearCase can accelerate your gun crime investigations. 


*: Casing containers are available directly from our partner, Loci Forensics B.V.. For more information, click the following link. 

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