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    Quantum 3D Microscope

    The Quantum 3D Microscope provides firearm and tool mark examiners with the best 3D visual and quantitative tools for common source determination.

    Firearm and tool mark identification is evolving and now requires 3D measurements to support expert conclusions with objective methods.

    The Quantum S1 model captures the rifling marks on fired bullets, and on other small objects such as press marks on pills and tablets, chamber marks on cartridge cases, and other tool marks.

    Powered by IBIS® Technology

    The design is partly inspired by IBIS 3D technology that has been adapted to a new purpose, and that has been augmented with new capabilities.

    The Quantum 3D Microscope is intended for case work and studies involving more direct examination of questioned objects. Where IBIS Search focused on finding the needle-in-the-haystack (previously un-related firearm crimes), the Quantum 3D Microscope focuses on quantifying the strength of agreement in common source determinations.

    Microscope Features

    • Surface view and shape views, always in focus
    • Up to 6 simultaneous objects compared side-by-side
    • Hairline moveable across overlapped images
    • Horizontal side-by-side view and in a vertical top-bottom view
    • Overlap, move, and rotate in locked or free modes
    • Sectional line profiles show precise topography
    • Visual enhancements emphasize the markings
    • Bullet best match assistance aligns the similarities
    • Simulated lighting and surface reflectivity options
    • Annotate comparisons

    Quantitative Analysis

    • Compare unknown-evidence bullets to known-source firearms
    • Strength of common source similarity is graphically represented in the RBL Graph
    • RBL method visually demonstrates quantifiable differences between matching and non-matching conditions
    • Correlation algorithms provide line counting and pattern matching scores (LCS and PMS)
    • Best phase and Best LEA modes, for pristine and damaged bullets
    • False Match Rate (FMR) provides a reliable error rate to support expert testimony

    Quantum 3D Microscope | Introducing a game changer for firearm and toolmark examiners (May 2020)

    In order to experience the webinar in its highest quality, please ensure the following adjustments are made:

    • Access Settings in the lower-right part of the video window.
    • Set the Quality option to 1080p HD.

    Multi-Caliber Quantitative Analysis Webinar (December 2020)

    Dr. Danny Roberge explains his latest breakthrough with a new generalized RBL Method that now provides similarity measures and false match rate for multiple firearm calibers.

    Q3M vs. CCM Webinar

    Working a case using the Quantum 3D Microscope vs. using a Conventional Comparison Microscope.

    Additional details in the Quantum 3D Microscope Benchmark Study

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