Innovative Technology Leads to Breakthrough in Firearm Trafficking Case

Edmonton, Alberta (CANADA).

In a remarkable display of technological prowess and investigative diligence, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), with assistance from the RCMP, has made significant strides in a complex firearm trafficking investigation, leveraging Forensic Technology's Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS).

The case unfolded over several months, beginning with a tragic shooting incident at Ertale Lounge in March 2022, leading to the unfortunate loss of one life and several injuries. The investigation took a significant turn when the EPS Gang Suppression Team recovered a defaced firearm, initially registered to Russell Lawrence Streeter, amidst an unrelated probe.

Utilizing the IBIS technology, the EPS Firearm Investigation Unit (FIU) established a connection between the seized firearm and the earlier shooting incident, identifying Streeter as a potential “straw buyer” – a legal gun purchaser who then sells firearms illegally. This pivotal discovery led to a coordinated operation with Parkland County RCMP, culminating in Streeter’s arrest and the recovery of further incriminating evidence.

This case underscores the crucial role of advanced forensic technology in addressing the challenges of firearm trafficking and crime. The successful collaboration between the EPS, RCMP, and the utilization of IBIS and the Canadian Integrated Ballistics Identification Network (CIBIN) highlights the system’s invaluable contribution to law enforcement's ability to solve crimes and ensure community safety.

As we reflect on this achievement, it’s clear that the integration of innovative solutions like IBIS into law enforcement workflows not only enhances investigative capabilities but also serves as a deterrent against the illegal firearms trade, marking a significant victory for public safety and justice.



To read the original Press Release from the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), visit the Newsroom.

To learn more about IBIS, the technology that underpins the CIBIN program and allows local law enforcement agencies to access the RCMP’s Ballistic Identification Network and leverage its investigative potential, visit IBIS Access.

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