Stereo Microscopes (from Projectina)

Our partner PROJECTINA started from the user experience and worked backwards to develop a new generation analysis and confirmation tool that leveraged the benefits of IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System) and years of experience in developing state-of-the-art comparison microscopes.

Ultra Forensic Technology is a reseller of Projectina’s products.

PAG 1000 Stereomicroscope PAG 800 High-Resolution Stereo Zoom Microscope
PAG 1000 Stereomicroscope

Versatile stereomicroscope with 8x optical zoom for total magnification of up to 60x and optional high-resolution digital camera.

Ergonomic binocular tilts from 0 to 30 degrees for examiner comfort. Includes two spotlights and ringlight with 4 selectable segments. Additional options are available.

  • Objective : 0.75x
  • Working Distance (mm) : 107
  • Eyepiece 10x / 22
    • Magnification : 7.5x – 60x
    • Field (mm) : 46.6 – 3.7
  • Objective : 0.5x
  • Working Distance (mm) : 82
  • Eyepiece 10x / 22
    • Magnification : 5x – 40x
    • Field (mm) : 69.8 – 5.5
  • Objective : 1x
  • Working Distance (mm) : 70
  • Eyepiece 10x / 22
    • Magnification : 10x – 80x
    • Field (mm) : 34.9 – 2.8
PAG 800 High-Resolution Stereo Zoom Microscope

The PAG 800 offers crisp, high-resolution and high-contrast stereo images. With a 1:6.3 zoom ratio and a 115mm (4.5”) working distance, this microscope is ideal for the most demanding forensic applications.


Features and technology parameters
  • Flexible: Multiple lighting options
  • Standard magnification: 8x-50x (10x with eyepiece)
  • Total magnification: 4x-200x (20x with eyepiece and auxiliary objectives)
  • Camera: Wide range available
  • 1:6.3 zoom ratio
  • 115mm working distance
  • Airtight construction prevents environmental contamination
  • Anti-mold treatment for hot and humid environments
  • Anti-electronic functions meet ESD requirements
  • New design: the industry standard for stereoscopic zoom microscopes
Specifications – Basic Unit
  • Optical system: Twin zooming objective
  • Total magnification: 4x-200x depending on eyepiece and auxiliary objective lens
  • Eyepieces: 
    • WF 10x/20mm
    • WF 15x/16mm (on request)
    • WF 20x/12mm (on request)
  • Zoom range: 0.8x-5x
  • Zoom ratio: 1:6.3
  • Auxiliary objectives:
    • (W.D.) 0.5x (W.D. 211mm) (on request)
    • 2.0x (W.D. 43.5mm) (on request)
  • Microscope stands:
    • Pole type stand
    • Dual boom stand
    • Transmitted light stand
  • Illumination systems: 
    • LED set ring light
    • LED power spot
  • Reticules: Reticules with crosshair or micrometer available for 10x; eyepiece only (on request)
  • Camera connection: C-Mount adapter

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