Remote training now offered

Remote training now offered as an alternate to on-site training.

Ultra Forensic Technology is now offering customers the option to receive IBIS training remotely.

In order to provide the in-depth learning experience offered by on-site training, we’re using remote collaboration technology that allows a high level of interaction between the trainer and trainees. We’ve taken great care to ensure that the remote sessions we offer will give you the training you need to use your IBIS systems efficiently and effectively.

If, for any reason, you prefer to receive your training at your site, we will be more than happy send a trainer.

Is the curriculum the same?

Yes, our remote training sessions cover the same content as our on-site training, including both methodology and hands-on workshops.

Is remote training recorded or with a live instructor?

Our remote training sessions are given by a live instructor using two online methods:

1 - Virtual Classroom

In the virtual classroom, users can hear, see, and interact with their instructor. The instructor will teach, share their screen and use training tools such as Power Point presentations. The instructor will use a mobile webcam to give demonstrations; for example, how to mount a CC on the holder.

2 – Remote Connection

The instructor will use a remote-control software package to connect to the BRX system. Our instructor will be able to operate and control the BRX system from a distance so that they can demonstrate and teach all topics. The remote-control software package allows the instructor to see the work of the users as they acquire, etc.

Is remote training given in full-day sessions like on-site training?

To adapt our on-site training for remote learning, we’ve broken our courses into multiple 2-hour sessions.

Session 1 (morning): methodology
Session 2 (afternoon): hands-on workshop

With these shorter sessions, in many cases the training will require more days. For example, a course that might have been done in 4 full days of on-site training could now last for 6 or 8 days of two 2-hour sessions per day. You’ll receive full training time extended over extra days to cover all the material.

What languages is remote training available in?

English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese

What if we have questions after the remote training?

Instructors will provide personalized coaching after the online courses to offer additional help as needed.

How will we know if we are using the system correctly for acquisitions?

Our instructors will do quality checks on all acquisitions after you have been working with the system for a specific period of time. Corrective action tutorials will be provided until we see that you are working with the system correctly.

What do we need to take remote training?
  • A computer with an internet connection near the system that you’re being trained on. If this isn’t possible, the training can be conducted by phone.
  • Login credentials to connect to our eLearning platform. We can provide you with credentials that give you access.
  • Exhibits for the purpose of the workshop during the course. The instructor will email you a list in advance.
What types of training can be done remotely?

The training services page on our website lists the training sessions we now offer remotely.

Note that we also offer other courses through our e-learning platform. These courses are not the same as our remote training sessions.

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