Introduction to Forensic Firearms Identification

User Course Outline

Course Objectives

On completing this course, trainees will have an introduction to the fundamentals of triaging cartridge case and bullet exhibits from crime scenes and test-firing in order to select suitable candidates for image capture in IBIS® systems. The course also introduces trainees to the basics of Forensic Firearms Examination and Identification techniques as well as the basics of Firearm and Ammunition history, manufacturing and development.

PART 1: Firearms 101

Firearms Examination

  • Firearms Safety and Operation
  • Evidence Handling Protocols

Firearms Development

  • Firearms Development
  • Type of Firearms

Ammunition Development

  • Ammunition Designs
  • Historical Chronology of Ammunition
  • Historical Classification of Ammunition

Basic Firearm Examination Techniques

  • Safe handling of firearms
  • Firearms Examination Procedure
  • Test Firing Procedures and Protocols
PART 2: TRIAGING - Identification Techniques for Fired Cartridge Cases

Comparison Microscope Examination

  • History of the Comparison Microscope

Cartridge Case Examination

  • History of Cartridge Case Examination
  • Identification Marks on Cartridge Cases
  • Cartridge Case Examination Techniques
  • Comparison Microscope Examination of Fired Cartridge Cases
PART 3: TRIAGING - Identification Techniques for Fired Bullets

Bullet Examination

  • History of Fired Bullet Identification
  • Barrel Manufacturing
  • Identification Marks on Bullets
  • Bullet Examination Techniques
  • Comparison Microscope Examination of Bullets

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