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The world’s most advanced bullet acquisition station

BULLETTRAX is the bullet acquisition component of IBIS. It digitally captures the surface of a bullet in 2D and 3D, providing a topographic model of the marks around its circumference.

The BULLETTRAX acquisition station enables entry of bullet information onto an IBIS network. It provides the microscopic surface details and macroscopic shape of bullets. BULLETTRAX uses intelligent surface-tracking technology to automatically adapt to deformations on damaged and fragmented bullets.

The acquisition process is fully automated after an initial user setup. This reduces the amount of operator training required, and produces consistent image quality and optimal correlation performance.

BULLETTRAX features:

  • High-resolution 2D images and accurate 3D topography at the submicron level
  • Full wraparound acquisition in a single continuous image
  • Multi-region acquisition of damaged and fragmented bullet regions
  • Intelligent surface tracking of damaged and fragmented bullets
  • Fast acquisition
  • Automated focus and lighting for image consistency across IBIS networks
  • Automated region-of-interest detection
  • Simple bullet mounting
  • Easy-to-operate with intuitive software
  • Conventional rifling, polygonal rifling, and unrifled
  • Full range of calibers, from .17 to .50

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